24 February 2014

Timed Saves - SMART Notebook

Have you ever...

forgotten to save your work?
been working for a long time and have the application or computer crash on you?
lost all of your work because of it?

Did you know that in SMART Notebook, you can set it up to automatically save for you?!!

Here is how...

From within your SMART Notebook application,

1. Click File
2. Choose "Timed Saves..." from the dropdown menu

A dialog box will pop up.

3. Choose a time that works for you
4. Click Next

On the next screen

5. Choose a file format that works for you.
6. Click Next

7. Provide a name for the file
8. Click Save

That is it!

**Please note that this is session based which means after you close the file, the settings are gone and you will need to set them up again the next time you open a Notebook file.**

I hope this was helpful.
Have an awesome day!

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