03 February 2014

Log-in To Computer Using SMARTBoard

Where's the Keyboard?

Having trouble finding the wireless keyboard? Don't have the key to access the cupboard? Dead batteries...?


This could present a problem for you when you have to get logged into a computer and all you have is a SMARTBoard and the CTRL + ALT + DELETE screen. You may have already found out that the keyboard button shown on the tray below does not work from the CTRL + ALT + DELETE screen.

Pen tray showing location of keyboard button on left

Never fear! Here is an awesome tip to have in your back pocket!

On the lower left of the SMARTBoard screen, look for the following icon:

Ease of Access button
Give this button a tap to bring up the following menu:

Ease of Access Options

In the Ease of Access window, make sure that you check TWO of the boxes.
  1. Type without the keyboard (On-Screen Keyboard)
  2. Press keyboard shortcuts one key at a time (Sticky Keys)
Once you have done that you can tap Apply and OK to close out. Now you should see a keyboard icon next to the Ease of Access icon in the lower left of the screen.

Windows On-Screen keyboard button now available

Tap the keyboard icon to bring up the Windows On-Screen keyboard. Now you will be able to press the CTRL, ALT, and DELETE keys one at a time to bring up the log-in screen.

Log in the way you normally would

This will be handy in a pinch!
Hope it helps!

Have an awesome day!

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