18 February 2014

Get the Activity Toolkit!

Don't miss out on some great tools!

You probably have a great deal of fun content to work with in the SMART Notebook Gallery that came with your installation.
But do you have all of it...?
Make sure you have the Lesson Activity Toolkit 2.0
Here is where you can check to see if you have it.

You Will See the Activity Toolkit in Your Gallery Menu

Lesson Activity Toolkit 2.0

This hidden gem is worth the time to track down and install. Here is how...

From within your Notebook Software program

1. Click the Gallery Tab
2. Click on the wrench
3. Hover over 'Check for Updates...'
4. Click on 'Lesson Activity Toolkit 2.0'
**If you get a popup box - click 'Yes'**
5. Select checkbox for Lesson Activity Toolkit 2.0
6. Click 'Next >>'
7. Wait for it to download and install
8. Click 'Finish'
Now you should be able to see the Lesson Activity Toolkit 2.0 in your Gallery Menu. The pictures below will show the process with the numbers matching the steps above

Now you will have access to more than 750 additional items including keyword and image dice, sorting activities, and a word generator!

Have an awesome day!

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