09 December 2013

Create A Score Counter - Adobe Captivate 7

Here is what I thought was a fun little idea that is not super complicated but has some great potential and will introduce you to the usage of variables and advanced actions. These are two pieces that can really help you to add high level functionality and interactivity to your Captivate project.

Score Counter

OK - I struggled with what to call this but score counter is what made sense to me so I ran with it. Think of all the possibilities you have with a simple setup such as this... here are just a few

  • Game ideas
  • Quiz ideas
  • Progress meters
  • Success indicators
Sure - there is more than one way to go about creating these things but I will leave that bit of creativity up to you. I hope that this quick tip helps to spark some ideas and give you the basic concept of making it work.

I would love to hear about any projects you have created and how you have used the idea.

Have an awesome day!

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