18 December 2013

Create Custom Shapes for Hover Hints - Adobe Captivate 7

Default Click Box

Captivate has a default function for adding a click box which is great but it is also limited to the shape that the name implies - a box.  What if I want to have a clickable area that is not in the shape of a square or rectangle? Suppose I want a circle? Suppose I want a clickable region in the shape of a chair, birdhouse, or perhaps in the shape of Idaho?

More Flexible Solution

The polygon tool and the 'Use as a button' checkbox are the perfect match for doing what we want here.

The polygon tool and the 'Use as Button' checkbox

With these two things you can create your own shapes and turn them into buttons that perform actions when clicked or simply display a tip when you hover over them. It is worth noting that this will also work with any of the other shapes you may want to create such as circles, arrows, or stars. In the video we take a couple of states on the map and have the name of the state appear at the top by simply hovering the mouse over the state. You can easily repeat the process for other states and have a fully interactive map.

You could have information other than just the name be shown or you can make the buttons link to websites with additional information or perhaps other slides within the same presentation

Perhaps you could have the hover hints in a different language to help students with vocabulary practice. The possibilities are endless but I would love to hear some of the ideas that you have for this.

Have an awesome day!

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